CANMORE ! A clever choice !


CANMORE is a Taiwan-based tech company established in 2008, aims to deliver innovative GPS and Sport watches and devices for sports enthusiasts. Our mission is to create and provide practical, performance-enhancing, and multi-functional watches and gadgets for people who love outdoor activities. CANMORE products are guaranteed to be durable, waterproof, intuitive, smart, and safe. We create an advance way of optimizing your athletic performance. With CANMORE, you are inspired to do more!


Brand Story

It doesn't take an expert to know that each golf course is unique. The layout of the green, and its distance to its front, center and back. We all know how important it is to know these. Nobody will argue with that. And it doesn't take a professional trainer to keep measure of your heart rate. Along with the number of steps you have made. It also doesn't take a caddie, or anybody else for that matter. To keep track of your score or to recognize which hole you are playing on. No, it doesn't take much at all. All it takes is a clever guy.

CANMORE. A Clever Choice!

Brand Values


CANMORE provides the best alternative to leading brands in terms of value and relevant products. We focus on making what the customer really needs and affordable.


Everything about CANMORE is designed to be easy. From the functionality of the products, to our message, we seek to remove unnecessary additions and words. Ease and simplicity help us deliver what the customer expects.


CANMORE offers great value because it combines extremely competitively priced products with complete updated technology and database. We work hard to maintain the functionality of our products at the top of our priority.