CANMORE ! A clever choice !


Handheld Golf GPS

  • Preloaded 40,000+ global course data
  • Shot distance
  • Distance to Green (F/C/B) and hazards
  • Auto-Hole
  • Scorecard
  • Full color 2” display
  • Up to 10 Hours in GPS Mode
  • Multi-Language Support *
    (English, Deutsch, Français, Bahasa Melayu, 简体中文, 繁體中文, 日本語)



Bigger, Brighter, Better

A worthy upgrade on a classic design

The best clip-on golf GPS on the market just got a lot better. Featuring a 2-inch bright full color LED display in a rugged rubberized body, the new HG200 is not only more durable, it's also more visible under bright sunlight.

We're Ready When You're Ready

With simple interface and big clicky buttons, you can quickly access all the information needed in an instance. Using the included powerful magnets and metal clip, you can practically mount it anywhere. From your pockets, your golf bags to your golf cart.
Now, shall we begin our first round?

Reminder : The HG200 takes 7-8 hours to be fully charged. To ensure optimal charging, please keep the connector and the charging pin clean.

Worldwide Golf Course In The Palm Of Your Hand

Courses for nearly every country on Earth come preloaded in the CANMORE Golf GPS. If your favorite course is not in the database, contact the seller or CANMORE to request it—course data is typically added within 72 hours. You can also contact CANMORE for monthly global course updates.

Long Bettery Life

Up to 10 Hours in GPS Mode, keep up with your pace at any time.

Shot Distance

Why hire a caddy when you can have all the information needed right on your wrist? You can enter your score to the watch, get notified with your shot distance, and gain a whole lot of advantages over your golf pals.

Durability Maximized

The back and side of the GPS is wrapped in a rubberized coating to increase grip and absorb shock. You can be sure that the brand new HG200 can take more than just a few bumps and scratches.
Comes with a powerful magnet for clipping it on your belt or pants pocket, or directly mounting on a metal surface such as your golf cart uprights. Just don’t forget it there!

High Accuracy GPS : Giving you data that matters

The golf GPS displays the most crucial information that matters to you. Instantly know your distance to the front, center, and back of green, as well as distance to hazards.
The GPS automatically changes to the next hole when you leave the vicinity of the current green.

You must leave the green and be at least 30 yards from the green center for the device to automatically display the next hole. When encountering multiple hazards, only the distance to major hazards is shown.

Shot Distance

Score Card

Distance to Hazard

* Due to the storage capacity, the device may not install all languages listed above. If you find your preferred language is not loaded, the firmware update is required. Please contact our customer service to get the most updated firmware.

LCD  2” Full color
Resolution  176 x 220 Pixels
Waterproof  IPX4
Backlight  Single level 
Operating temperature  5°~ 50°C
Voltage  DC 5V 
Battery  Chargeable 1600mAh lithium battery
Battery life  10 hours
Interface  USB 
Charger  300mA, 8 hours completed
Size  83 x 47 x 20.5 ( L x W x H in mm )
Weight  75g