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Why can’t the GPS be located?

Why can’t the GPS be located?

GPS Locating Tips

Receive a GPS signal in an open space, and refer to the following instructions.

  • GPS receiver is located at the bottom or middle of the watch. Do NOT cover the receiver and make it face towards the sky. Please refer to the user manual.
  • The first positioning will take 2-5 minutes. Subsequent positioning will take 1-2 minutes.
  • If you are unable to complete GPS positioning after 5 minutes, press the Back button to exit. Move to an open space and try again.

Troubleshooting: No GPS signal

  • The best signal can be received in an open area with a clear view of the sky.
  • The objects, buildings, trees or cloudy weather can reduce the GPS signal reception quality.
  • GPS signal does not penetrate any solid constructions or water. Therefore do not try to activate GPS for example inside buildings, caves, or underwater.
  • You can rotate your watch angle every 30 seconds to speed up GPS reception.
  • If you checked all the above conditions, but GPS still can not be fix. Please restart your watch, and try again.

Note: When you activate GPS for the first time, or have not used it for a long time, it might take longer than usual to get a GPS fix.

Why can't the watch be charged?

Why can’t the watch be charged?

When you charge the device, the screen will show the charging icon similar to the picture.

If the watch is not charging or the battery can not last long enough, it is possible that there are connection problems with the charging cable, or the AC adapter may have failed.

Please check the following points when attempting to charge the watch.

  • Disconnect and reattach the charging cable.
  • Ensure the pins on the watch and charging clip are clean. For steps on cleaning contacts, see  
  • Tap the device with a soft item. (i.e. Your hand or Pillow)
  • Charge device through a different power source, such as a computer.
  • Leave the device plugged into the charger for up to two hours.
  • When charging you should see a battery icon displayed on the screen.
  • Make sure the device software is up to date. For detail, please contact our customer service.

Why the watch time is wrong?

Why the watch time is wrong?

If your watch time display is wrong, there are some possibilities. Please kindly check the following situations.

  • If the watch ran out of battery, the time will be stopped. Please reset the time after the watch is fully charged.
  • Every time to fix GPS, the watch will show the GPS time. If you prefer to set the time manually, please enter [SETTINGS] → [Clock] → [Time] → [By Manual] to set the time.
  • Check whether your location is under Daylight Saving Time (DTS).
    If yes, turn the summertime on.
    If no, turn the summertime off. (summertime default is Off)

How can I do when the device has no reaction or malfunctions?

How can I do when the device has no reaction or malfunctions?

When your device fails to turn off, crashes, or appears to be locked, the following symptoms may occur:

  • Incorrect time is displayed, time has not changed.
  • The screen is frozen.
  • No response when you press a button.
  • The screen shows strange pictures like the below examples.

When the above situation happened, please follow the troubleshooting instructions on the user manual of each model to turn off the device. Next, turn on the device again.

TW-353 / H300

Press (#3)+(#4) together, and then press (#1). Release all three buttons at the same time.


Press (#2)+(#3) together, and then press (#1). Release all three buttons at the same time.


Press (#4)+(#5) together, then press (#1), release three buttons at the same time.

TW-402 / TW-203

Press (#3)+(#4) together, then press (#1), release three buttons at the same time.

What can I do if the device shows "No Course"?

What can I do if the device shows "No Course"?

No Course is normally because your device data was messed up. The device can be recovered by following procedures.

For detail step by step instruction, please download from LINK.

  • Connect the device to a Computer.  The “GOLF” disk will be detected automatically.
  • Format the “GOLF” disk.
  • Download the new update files from HERE.
  • Open the downloaded file, there will be two files like below.
  • Copy the 2 files directly to GOLF Disk. (It will take around 10 minutes)
  • After file copy completed, safely eject the golf disk.
  • Enter [SETTINGS] → [About Watch] to check the version number. The 2nd and 3rd line should be 10xxxx and 1xxxx. (the number may varies because the course version keep changing quickly)

Please NOTE: The device operates as a USB device when you connect it to the Computer. If you charge the device through the computer USB port, it needs to be safely ejected to avoid the data messed up.